Free Diving
What is Free diving ?

Free diving is a sport where you hold your breath, and either dive to achieve a certain depth, or see how long you can hold your breath while lying, face down in the water. It's a bit like scuba diving, but no compressed air is used and the diver has to make the dive using only a single breath.
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Equipment needed
With free diving, only the essential equipment is needed. You will need wetsuit (optional), mask (optional), weight belt (optional) and fins (required in some events). Mono fins, or stereo fins can be used.
How can people get involved in the sport ?
To get involved, join us at one of the Free diving South Africa league events. Here you will get all the information on what to do, and try it out for yourself.
Dangers of Free Diving
When a diver pushes himself too far, he runs out of oxygen, and he loses consciousness. This usually happen in the top 5m meters after the dive. In this case, the diver needs to be brought to the surface, where he usually recover within 10 seconds. The divers always fully recover in 5 minutes, but we suggest that you stop diving for the day.
Always dive with a buddy !


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